2020 Annual Conference

Presenters Instructions

Here you will find information about the tasks ahead of you as you prepare to present your paper at the forthcoming conference.

Dates: 17th to 20th November 2020

Time: 1700 to 2200 hours

Important Deadlines

Abstract Submission - Closed

Submission of Powerpoint Presentations - 6th October 2020

Submission of Recordings - 10th October 2020

If you are having any difficulties, contact the scientific committee well in advance so they may assist you

Please find a video on how to record your presentations

Guidelines for your Presentation


1. Prepared on MS Powerpoint or equivalent

2. About 10-12 Slides

3. After the recording it should be 8 minutes or less

4. If giving a plenary talk, confirm the time allocated 


The Day Before Your Presentation

1. Contact the administrator to be sure they have your recording and it is working well

2. Make sure you have the latest version of Zoom for your laptop and phone

The Day of Your Presentation

1. Be in a place with good internet preferable cable internet

2. It will be best to use your laptop computer

3. Have your phone as a backup

4. Get to the session early and message the moderator using the chat option

5. Note down any questions and comments to you on the chat area. Additional questions may be given during the Q&A